Finn's Nursery

As I'm working on writing Finn's birth story, I realized that I hadn't shared his nursery yet! I am so happy with how it turned out, its exactly what I wanted it to be.

I am a big lover of neutral tones, and I knew I wanted his room to be simple. The room was blue to begin with, and we already had the crib and dresser, so I just needed to work on decor. It feels weird to say 'decor' for a boys room...but anyway… 

I made the mobile myself with a branch from our back yard and some garland from Little City Market. It was really that easy, and I love how it looks hanging above his bed! I also made the little pillows. It was a fun little DIY, but don't look too closely. ;)

We are borrowing the rocking chair from my parents. It is the one that they used for myself and my siblings when we were little! I thought about recovering the cushions, but the sentimental part of me decided to leave it as is.

The sign above is from Pacific Coast DIY, and it is so perfect! Every time I look at it, it makes me so curious and excited to see what big things God has planned for our sweet little Finn! 

This print on the left is from Emmy Paper Co., and I love this quote so much! As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect in the nursery. It is a great reminder on those rough late nights to enjoy the snuggles while they last! And the print on the right was a gift from my Mama, another perfect quote for a baby's room!  

If you read my posts about our master bedroom or our daughters bedroom, you might remember that I like to call on my dad a lot to fix things or make things for me. This shelf is another one of his creations! I told him what I had in mind, and he came up with this and I LOVE it! It's perfect to hold and display all those little baby trinkets, Like the "hello world" print that is part of a milestone set from Poppy and Lace.

When I was pregnant I took Lexie shopping to pick out a special gift to bring her baby brother at the hospital, and she picked this elephant! I think she actually picked a toothbrush, but when I encouraged her to find something nice and soft, she went for the elephant. And now when Finn is upset she runs to find his elephant for him, and it turns my heart to mush! 

I'm glad that I took these photos, because six out of seven days his crib is full of laundry and Lexie's toys, and the dresser drawers are half open and spewing out clothes. But now I have proof that there was a day where I was actually on the ball and his room was clean. 

I love this room, and all the little details in it. 

I am excited to share more about Finn, and what life has been like since bringing him earthside!