Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

You know you're overdue for a blog post when your Mom is telling you to get on it...

Truth is, this last month has been a bit of a tough one. While I am so happy to be pregnant and SO excited for this little one, these last few weeks of growing a baby (and keeping a toddler alive!) are totally wearing me out in every way. 

My husband has been working out of town the last couple of weeks, but this weekend Lexie and I packed up and took a little trip to go see him. It was just what we all needed! As strong as I try to be for my little family, it really was nice to check out for a few days and let Justin make the plans and pack Lex around everywhere! 

The lake is just a quick walk down from his hotel, so we made our way over a few times to chase ducks and throw rocks. This was definitely Lexie's favourite part of the weekend, followed by riding in Daddy's truck, swimming in the pool, and pushing the button for the elevator. We have so much fun just watching her do her thing and discovering what makes her light up.  

 I know I am not alone in feeling like Spring is taking its sweet time getting here this year, but the little glimpses of sunshine are doing wonders for this tired mama's soul! 

I am so thankful for the little recharge, and can't wait till Justin is back home! Although my 47 pillows have pretty much taken up his side of the bed, so I'm not sure where he'll sleep...